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G.LDept of Pen.,& P.W.
O No.1(21) - P & P.W\91-E dt

Procedure for processing of claims of family pension-to-mentally retarded/
handicapped children


The undersigned is directed to invite attention to this Departments O.M.No. 1 \89\ - P&P. w (C) dated the 11th February, 1990 vide SI. No. 219 of Swamy's Annual (1990), under which the condition of manifestation of the disability of children before retirement of the disability of children before retirement of death in harness of the Government Servant for grant of family pension for life has been dispensed with Representations have been received that in such cases difficulties are experienced on account of the fact that the disability of the child isn't mentioned in the details contained in the Pension Payment Order.

2. Only revised PPO forms introduced with effect from 1-1- 1990,. Contains provisions for entry of details of all members of the family. The PPOs issue prior to that date will not contain the pensioner the payment of the family pension becomes automatic on production of the death certificate and in other cases the family pension Is to be authorise by the authority who sanctioned the original pension the fact that the disability of any particular child Is not mentioned in the PPO should normally not impose any hardship. However, It has been represented that in the case of mentally handicapped child it will be difficult to claim family pension when his or her turn comes of payment of family pension. In order to expedite sanction of family pension in such cases the following procedure is prescribed.

3. Where the names of eligible children have not been mentioned in the PPO for various reasons like the pension was sanctioned prior to 1-l -1990 the child is post - retrial one or post-retiral manifestation of disability of the child the pensioner, if he so desires can furnish a list of eligible children to the pension sanctioning authority futer aim indicating whether any child is handicapped or not. The receipt of this list may be acknowledged by the pension sanctioning authority mentioning the details of the eligible children taken on record. This acknowledgment may be preserved by the members of the family of the pensioner for production at the time of submission of claim for family pension on their own turn to the Pension Sanctioning authority. In ease of mentally retarded children or minor who would draw pension through a guardian, the responsibility of producing this acknowledgment will devolve on the guardian. The p, production of acknowledgement will however not be pre-condition of acknowledgment will however not be pre - condition to the processing of claims for family pension.

4. Ministry of Finance etc. , are requested to kindly bring this to the notice of all offices under their control,

5. This OM issues in consultation with C & AG OF India vide U.O.No.899-I I'93 - 91, dt 28-10 - 1992.