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list Counselling / Verification for B.Ed SE (ID), M.Ed SE (ID) and PG Diploma in Early Intervention will be held on 20.09.2023 at PG Admission Block, OU Campus, Hyderabad . aadrreeta

list List of selected / waitlisted candidates for the position of Consultant Accounts Officer at NIEPID, Secunderabad for which selection was made on 17.09.2023. OfficeMemorandumpdf (Size: 199 kb) aadrreeta

list Shortlisted & Not shortlisted for the post of Consultant Accounts officer at NIEPID, Secunderabad. OfficeMemorandumpdf (Size: 200 kb) aadrreeta

list Advertisement of DDRC JABALPUR for recruitment. OfficeMemorandumpdf (Size: 719 kb) aadrreeta

list Entrance Examination for B.Ed SE (ID) and PG Diploma in Early Intervention. OfficeMemorandumpdf (Size: 499 kb) aadrreeta

list Delay of Entrance Exam for B.Ed. Special Education (lD), M.Phil. in Rehabilitation Psychology, and PGDEI Courses for the Academic Year 2023–24. OfficeMemorandumpdf (Size: 547 kb) aadrreeta

list Admission Notice for Certificate Course in Bench Skills at PDUNIPPD, New Delhi. ELearningicon aadrreeta

list Financial support for strengthening STEM labs Under National Funds. ELearningicon aadrreeta

list Employment Notification No. 05/2023 - Recruitment for various posts at NIEPID and its Composite Regional Centre. ELearningicon (Size: 14 Kb) aadrreeta

list  Admission Notification for various courses for the Academic year 2023-24 at NIEPID HQ's Secunderabad & its RC's Noida, Kolkata and Navi Mumbai & its CRC's Davangere, Nellore and Rajnandgaon.ELearningicon (Size: 25.0 Kb) aadrreeta

list NIEPID is compiling a list of Special Schools functioning in the States/Union Territories for onward submission to the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (DEPwD), MSJ&E, Government of India.ELearningicon  aadrreeta

list Posters on NIPUN Bharat Lakshyas From Balvatika to Grade 3. ELearningicon (Size: 11.8 Kb)

list Enhancement of fee for various services offered at NIEPID.OfficeMemorandumpdf (Size: 570 Kb)

list Life Certificate Form for Pensioners..OfficeMemorandumpdf (Size: 131 Kb)

list Handbook on Early Intervention Centres for Children with Disabilities. OfficeMemorandumpdf  (Size: 11.6 MB)


list Rolling Workshop on Early Intervention Services.   OfficeMemorandumpdf (Size: 259 Kb)

list National Education Policy 2020.OfficeMemorandumpdf (Size: 637 Kb)

list Use of Intellectual content about NIEPID publications.OfficeMemorandumpdf (Size: 477 Kb)

list Common Yoga Protocol.ELearningicon (Size:12.0 KB)

list Corona Virus Related Information. ELearningicon (Size:20.3 KB)

list Protocol for Psychological Services. OfficeMemorandumpdf (Size:2.07 MB)

list List of Holidays during the year 2023. OfficeMemorandumpdf  (Size: 784 kb)

list Internship and Data Collection opportunities at NIEPID. OfficeMemorandumpdf  (Size: 834 kb)

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